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product arrow ReiLITE Portable Dual TTL Built-in Li-ion Flash RL-DP400

Price Rp 5.800.000 Beli

ReiLITE Portable Dual TTL Built-in Li-ion Flash RL-DP400

- Power: 400W
- Control circuit design: Insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) control
Guide Number: 60 (ISO 100)
- Flash Mode: Automatic mode (with special remote control),manual mode,stroboscopic,from light SLAVE,c/SLAVE n,Wireless
remote control mode of RX-C, RX-N (TTL) remote control, Light induction model S1,S2
- Exposure compensation: 1/33
- Wireless instructions (support subordinate unit): 4 group,16 communication flash control: 1-128-1/1 step +/- 0.3 EV, a total
of 22 grade fine-tune gear.
- Max HSS speed: 1/8000s
- Flash time: Full power 550 times
- Flash during time: 1/6000s-1/250s
- Color temperature: 5200200K
- Recycle time: 01-2s
- Buzzer: YES (ON/OFF)
- Lion battery: Lithium electricity 3200 MAH DC 14.8V
- Extra power supply: AC adapter output 15V -5A
- Protect device: Overheating protection
- Size: 22x10x25cm
- Self weight: 1.955KG
- Transmitter battery: 2 AA battery
- LED modelling lamp: High brightness 10W LED
- Battery charing time: Approx 3 hours

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